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Relax Essential Oil- Rose Geranium, Ho Wood, Aniseed Myrtle, and Ylang Ylang.


100% pure essential oil blend that can be used concentrated or diluted, topically, on the go and around the home.

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    Rest easy with this calming blend of Australian native botanical Aniseed Myrtle, with Rose Geranium, Ho Wood and Ylang Ylang. 100% pure essential oil, this can be used neat or diluted around the home or topically.

    Product Ingredients: Rose Geranium Oil, Ho Wood Oil, Aniseed Myrtle Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil.

    DiffuserAdd 3-4 drops into the filled water tank of your diffuser.
    (Refer to your diffuser’s user guide for best results.)
    SprayDilute a few drops to water inside a spray bottle.
    Topical UseBlend 1-2 drops with 5ml of carrier oil for an aromatic massage.

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    Aniseed Myrtle
    Its calming, soothing properties can help with symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, restlessness.

    Rose Geranium

    Its refreshing soothing smell of roses helps to lift the mood and encourage relaxation.

    Ho Wood

    High in calming linalool, it is perfect for helping to create a relaxing atmosphere, and may help in reducing stress and anxiety.

    Ylang Ylang

    Create a calm, relaxing atmosphere with Ylang Ylang's soothing sweet, floral aroma.

    100% Pure Essential Oil

    Contains only aromatic plant compounds, without any additives or synthetic oils.

    Concentrated Benefits

    100% concentrated to retain all the natural aroma and benefits, suitable for use neat or diluted.

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