Tea Tree Range

Meluka’s unique Tea Tree range features two raw, single origin, multi-active honeys produced by healthy bees foraging from the pristine healing grounds of Australia’s Bungawalbin Valley.

Post-harvest, our honey is infused with an organic tea tree extract we sustainably produce from the leaves of ancient mother trees growing in the old growth area of our farm.
With its abundance of native tea trees, bees foraging from the Bungawalbin Valley naturally produce a honey that shows strong, immediate antioxidant and sustained anti-microbial and anti-bacterial activity, which comes directly from the tea trees natural bioactive properties.
Meluka USA Tea Tree Range
The Tea Tree Range adopts the Tea Tree Factor (TTF) rating system, a unique rating system assessing the level of tea tree extract infusion, certified organic status, origin and traceability back to the master beekeeper.

Based on a points system, the TTF rating is determined by the following factors:

Meluka USA Tea Tree Range
Factor Description Points
Organic Certified as organic by an accredited organic certification body +4 points
Raw 100% raw and unpasteurised +4 points
Australian Origin Produced, packed and manufactured in Australia +4 points
Traceability Traceable back to the master bee keeper who harvested and tended to the hive +4 points
Tea Tree Extract Infusion Fortified with an organic tea tree extract wild crafted from leaves of mother trees in the Bungawalbin Valley +4 points per factor of infusion

Standing by our mission to produce naturally derived, organic and ecologically pure products, the factors were determined by the key properties which contribute to the production of a high quality, unadulterated honey for the benefits of health and wellbeing.