Tea Trees

The healing grounds of Bungawalbin Valley.

Journey with us to the picturesque coastal regions of Northern New South Wales where, deep in the Bungawalbin Valley’s old growth forest, you’ll find thousand-year-old Mother Trees in an untouched, pristine and completely organic surrounding. It is within these “healing grounds” where our certified organic farm thrives and where we draw inspiration for the natural and organic health products we offer.

In 1770, after landing in Botany Bay, Captain James Cook continued his exploration north through the coastal regions of New South Wales.

During this journey, he and his botanists noted huge groves of trees with sticky, aromatic leaves. They observed the local Aboriginals drinking a brew from the leaves of this tree and applying a tincture of salve on wounds with paperbark.

The name ‘Tea’ Tree was born.

Today, tea tree is cherished for its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-septic properties.

Tea Tree has an abundance of uses in health products.

  • wound healing
  • skin infections
  • dandruff
  • oral health
  • as an inhalant tea
  • air purification
  • household cleaning
  • and much more
Tea Trees in the healing grounds of Bungawalbin Valley
Tea Trees in the healing grounds of Bungawalbin Valley

We pledge our commitment to protecting the unique ecosystem and ancient mother trees in the Bungawalbin Valley through sustainable practices and an interaction with the land in an unspoiled way that encourages the forest to remain as nature intended.